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Perfect Christmas gifts!
For children and anyone who is unable to go outside and enjoy Nature.
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This book would make
a wonderful gift for family overseas
in the military to remind them
of home, or a great gift to friends
and family out of state.

Read about my interview on Fox 21 News Morning Show!

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Volume One is now out as an eBook suitable for use on most devices.
These books make inexpensive and memorable gifts for friends and family.

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Full-color photos of flowers, butterflies, birds, herons, turtles, geese, ducks, and more.

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Readers' Comments
(Hard Copy)

Written, photographed and published
by Adrienne Petterson © 2015-2024
Colorado, USA

Readers' Comments (Hard copy)

"Backyard Snapshots is an wonderful book, filled with beautiful pictures of nature which can be enjoyed anytime." Patrick Duggan, California

"Congratulations on the publishing of your amazing book Backyard Snapshots.  I was absolutely blown away by the photographs, they are just amazing." Sybil Head, Cape Town, South Africa

"You have a great book on your hands." Natalie Johnson, Black Cat Books, Manitou Springs, CO

"Backyard Snapshots is not just another pretty book.  Yes, it is indeed beautiful, but in my estimation it can take one out into nature without leaving your armchair.  To me, a walk in nature is most therapuetic, but many people do not have the luxury of walking and being outdoors.  With this book you get therapy and beauty at the same time.  Makes a fabulous gift for shut-ins and children." Terry Birkenfeld, California/Colorado

"Terry [my best customer!] has kept me apprised of your endeavors.  I'm glad you are having fun with photos.  She also gave me a signed copy of your Backyard Snapshots wildlife book.  Those are great photos and a worthy cause.  I watched your FOX 21 TV interview.  It was very cool and you seemed so relaxed and confident.  Best wishes on your book signing event tomorrow!" Denise, Colorado

"I took the time today to really enjoy the beauty of the book from cover to cover, twice.  It is beautifully written and photographed.  I like the water shots, especially when there are babies in them.  New creatures just have a way of speaking to the heart.  The "Monet" water and water scene a few pages later are phenomonal as well.  The roses with snow or ice crystals is really neat." Kirsten Verkamp

This comment came via a friend who'd given it away as a gift: "Hi Terry, your friend Adrienne's book is beautiful!  Thank you!  I'm sending for a copy as a special gift for a friend."  Phyllis Dennison, California

Another one of Terry's gifts: "Thank you so much for the beautiful book.  It brought back many memories.  Adrienne should be very pleased with her effort." Ila Hilty, California

"My granddaughter and I have loved looking at it together.  I hope to meet you in person one of these days, and I commend you on your excellent work of realizing nature and raising funds for wildlife and animals." Jeri Howells, Mayor of Fountain, CO



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