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Display your banner advertisement for as little as $1.00 a page per month!
(Minimum of 10 pages for three months - payment in advance.)

For more traffic, advertise on my premium pages for $20.00 a page per month!
(Minimum of three months - payment in advance.)

Banners must be 40 x 600 pixels (approximately the size of the banner below).

I have over 650 pages on my website and it's growing by the week!

ONLY ONE BANNER AD PER PAGE - you’ll be the only advertiser on any given page,
except the My Blog page which may feature more than one advertisement.

Contact me at:
E-mail:  Subject:  Banner Ads

All potential advertisements are subject to approval.

What to send me:

1. Your banner ad saved as a jpeg or png.
      (I can help design a banner for you.)

For example:

2. Your web address where users will be sent when they click on your banner.

For example:

3. Web address of my page/s on which you want to place your banner.

For example:

If your ad is approved, an invoice will be sent to you via e-mail containing payment details.

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