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1001 Little Ways to Spend Less and Look Beautiful by Caroline Jones Books in Review
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1001 Little Ways to Spend Less and Look Beautiful
by Caroline Jones
Carlton Books
ISBN 978-1-84732-387-3
Published March 2010 - Softcover - 224 pages - $9.95

I'm so glad I don't feel the pressure to "look beautiful" and hence, don't spend a fortune trying to do so.  I've heard many, many times over the years that most creams, lotions, potions, shampoos, etc., only differ in their price tags and that they're all much the same.  A hideous thought when you think of what some moisturizers cost!  There are ways to cut corners without losing quality or benefits, and author Caroline Jones offers plenty of sound advice in her great little book.  Simple advice such as standing up straight or remembering to smile, neither of which costs a cent but both immediately uplift your appearance.  Eat carrots "as a cheap source of beta-carotine" which helps fight free radicals and "helps with the production of new, healthy skin cells".  The book covers Beauty Basics, Cosmetics, Skincare, Haircare, Body Beautiful, Therapies and Treatments, and Secrets and Savings.  A wide variety of ideas to implement into your beauty routine and which won't break the bank.  Ever thought of garlic as "combating wrinkles and encouraging skin healing"?  I love the tips under Budget Shopping — so clever.  In these trying economic times, we have to watch our budgets carefully, and knowing how to shop is key to a healthy bank balance.  It's worth noting that Ms. Jones also mentions a few instances when cheap is not always the best — blushers and bronzers, concealers and self-tanners as examples.  I liked the tip about vitamin B3 preventing the skin from losing water and also the various fruit masks  There are also great tips on how to get the last little bits out of containers — you won't have to throw away so much anymore.  I wonder how people come up with some of the "recipes" for beauty treatments, like the worst one (in my opinion) for a brighter smile, on page 131.  Yuck!
Conclusion - An ingenious little book with many useful and cost-effective beauty products.

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