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100 Days in Photographs - Pivotal Events That Changed the World
by Nick Yapp
National Geographic
ISBN 1-4262-0197-4
Published October 2007 - Hardcover - 320 pages - $35.00

Wow, how do you pick just 100 "pivotal events" to make up a book like this?  These Getty Images pictures (Getty Images being long known as suppliers of exquisite photographs) tell a fascinating story, and many pictures are instantly recognizable, and stir up emotions and memories for many, many people.  Sometimes the printed images are all we have to remind us of what happened when.  Among the first few photographs (pages 6/7) is of a Princess Diana tribute.  Powerful.  There are pictures from the time pictures were able to be taken, to the Hurricane Katrina devastation.  Eerie describes the Gettysburg picture, beautiful is the Eiffel Tower (1889), phenomenal is the trampled woman (1913), disturbing is the American Genocide (1915) and the Vultures in India (p 161), and gruesome is the World Trade Center south tower (2001) picture.  Each photograph is accompanied by corresponding text as well as a running account of the progress of film photography.  The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" was never more eloquent than in this book.  With regards to the devastation man has caused, we can never say "we didn't know," as it's all there for the world to see - more so now with the Internet.  This book would make a wonderful Christmas gift.
Conclusion - A fabulous coffee table book, as well as a superb gift idea.

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