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The Story of My Life - An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky
by Farah Ahmedi with Tamim Ansary
Simon Spotlight
ISBN 1-4169-0670-3
Published April 2005 - Hardcover - 250 pages - $22.00

For me, there's nothing better than reading the story of someone's tragic life - 'better' because although (and thankfully) they're fine now (and able to have written this book), their trials and tribulations make our pathetic excuses for hardship seem insignificant.  That's not to say we don't have problems of our own, but when you read about the horrific things some people have gone through, and managed to survive to tell their story, we've just got to kick ourselves in the butt and get over it.  Take this young girl (and her mother) from Afghanistan and what she went through at such a young age - living in a war zone, losing virtually her entire family, losing a leg in a landmine explosion - need I say more?  They managed to come to America as refugees, after escaping to Pakistan, but not being able to read, write, or speak English, they felt alone in this new world.  Through sheer determination to better herself, and her situation, Farah persevered - also for her lonely and frightened and sickly mother.  Being different is not easy, but being in a foreign land and being different is probably the most difficult.  This young woman has a great future ahead of her and is to be commended for her efforts.  She puts many an American kid to shame for whining for their 'wants'.
Conclusion - Moving and thought-provoking.  A good and inspirational read.

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