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America (Flying High)
by Jim Wark
White Star Publishers
ISBN 88-544-0003-3
Published September 2005 - Hardcover - 640 pages - $24.95

This is another "visual" book from White Star Publishers (not in the shape of a cube, however) and these are fast becoming my favorite books to page through when I need some quiet time.  They take you to spectacular places and expand your knowledge about our planet.  This book is on America and includes among other things, Cities, Sculpted Lands, Horizons, and Seasons.  "Sky bum" Jim Wark, is responsible for the exquisite aerial photography of this beautiful country.  He captures unusual colors and wonderful patterns (natural and man-made) that decorate the land and mountains.  These are not sights we would normally get to see and this book captures so much beauty we can now, possibly, go in search of, armed only with a camera!  Do yourself a favor, check these pictures out and if you're not astounded, there's no hope: pages 197, 248, 250/1, 274, 298/99, 454/5, 449, 532, and 588.  Thank you, Mr. Wark, for your wonderful work and for sharing it with us.  See my reviews on Mountains and The World, also from White Star Publishers.
Conclusion - These books are investments you can appreciate anytime!  Simply breathtaking.


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