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Baby Animals
by Angela Serena Ildos
White Star
ISBN 88-544-0002-5
Published February 2007 - Hardcover - 736 pages - $18.95

Oohing and aahing over baby animals is par for the course.  And are you going to ooh and aah over this fabulous book!  Packed with some of the most incredibly adorable photographs, from a baby antelope to baby zebras, and everything in between.  And I mean everything!  The remarkable bond between mother and baby animals is fascinating and very moving.  Don't you love the playful clumsiness of the baby elephant on those wildlife television programs?  Some of my favorite (it's hard to choose an absolute favorite) babies are: elephants, hippos, cheetahs (strangely, all from Africa!), racoons, and foxes.  The very interesting text informs us about the struggles and successes of the newborns, their instincts, their behavioral patterns, their nurturing, and so much more.  This book will bring out the mother in everyone.  With over 700 pages, I could have gone on reading, and on and on and on.
Conclusion - I love these "cube" books.  Exquisitely illustrated and a must-have book for all animal lovers.

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