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Weekend Bathroom Makeovers
by Amy Matthews and Bridget Biscotti Bradley
Lark Books
ISBN 1-57990-856-X
Published October 2006 - Softcover - 175 pages - $17.95

Can't afford to have your bathroom made over professionally?  Join the club.  Probably the most important aspect of remodelling a room is the planning stage.  You want to be sure you know what you want, what you'll need to accomplish this change, whether or not you're going to need professional assistance, what your budget is, and whether your desires will be practical or not, and so on.  In this book you'll find answers to most concerns you might have, as well as superb ideas to consider. I liked the bathroom on page 26 (although I do prefer a private toilet not in the actual bathroom itself) and the elegant one on page 86.  There are many surfaces and finishes to consider, and paging through this book will give you many clues as to which will suit your needs.  Sinks, cabinets, walls, floors, faucets (I love the idea of a kitchen sink-type hand shower in the shower and/or bath to make it easier to wash your hair), showers and baths, and much more are detailed in this book.
Conclusion - Great ideas.  I can't, however, see myself actually tackling these projects.

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