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Mr. Bean's Guide to France
by Robin Driscoll and Tony Haase
Bloomsbury USA
ISBN 1-59691-354-1
Published August 2007 - Hardcover - 96 pages - $17.95

I just adore Mr. Bean and kill myself at the preposterous things he gets up to.  Of course it's actually Rowan Atkinson I truly adore.  Ever since I first saw him in Not the Nine O'Clock News, I knew his comic genius would take him a long way.  Oxford-educated Atkinson went on to star in Black Adder (which, funnily enough, I didn't really like) which was incredibly successful.  However, then Mr. Bean came onto the scene and I was happy.  This dilly character lives in a world of his own and gets up to the most bizarre things, and into even more bizarre predicaments.  I remember his devotion to his teddy, his funny litte Mini car with a slide bolt to lock the door, and his tiny apartment.  This book deftly shows readers a little how this screwball's mind works, and is in the form of a school notebook which acts like a scrapbook of sorts.  It's filled with clippings, notes, photocopies, photographs, hints and tips, postcards, and drawings.  My favorite is on pages 56/57 - visualize him on a train and enjoy the guffawing.  You may also enjoy his letters to very important people - as though they care.
You may remember Rowan Atkinson as the vicar in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, but his movie Bean: The Movie, where he goes to America, for me, was the funniest.
Conclusion - You can't go wrong with anything "Mr. Bean".

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