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A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen Books in Review
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A Fine Romance
by Candice Bergen
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 978-1-476-746-098
Published April 2016 - Hardover - 368 pages - $19.95

Extremely beautifully written, the classy Ms. Bergen certainly has a way with words.  She describes situations with such clarity that you can visualize where and what she's talking about.  Elegance and sophistication reign supreme in this book, as she talks about her beloved Louis Malle, her late start in love, her exceptionally priviledged life, her adored daughter and their lives split between New York, Los Angeles and France.  The world was their oyster as they flitted between homes and jobs.  Her sense of humor is evident throughout her book, and her razor-sharp wit had me at times imagining Murphy Brown relating her story to me.  It's a most enjoyable life if not hard to comprehend, especially the elite circles they moved in.  Luxury and abundance are another two words that come to mind.  Of course her life wasn't perfect, whose is?  I did thoroughly enjoy reading this book and couldn't put it down.  I loved her recalling her pregnancy, at 39 years old.  I'm glad she found love again later in life.  There's a bit of everything, covering family, friends, work, down time, travel, their homes, and a whole lot more.
Conclusion - Witty, observant, revealing and endlessly eloquent.

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