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Down Came the Rain - My Journey Through Postpartum Depression
by Brooke Shields
Hyperion Books
ISBN 1-4013-0189-4
Published May 2005 - Hardcover - 226 pages - $23.95

Brooke Shields has been around a while - she started out in showbusiness as a young child and captured the world with her unique beauty.  She grew up in front of us and it's hard to believe she's now a woman in her thirties and a Princeton graduate with a degree in French Literature.  That's apart from the films, modeling, and television she's been involved in.  Then she married tennis star Andre Agassi but their marriage lasted just two years.  Brooke met her second husband, Chris, and knew he was "the one".  And, she knew she wanted to have children but because of an earlier surgery to her cervix, she was having problems conceiving.  This candid story of her getting pregnant, miscarrying, trying in vitro fertilization, and more, will have you turning the pages.  Postpartum depression is more prevalent than we think and this is a great personal story about how she coped.  There are so many different types of depression and it's interesting to learn about another aspect to this debilitating condition.  She talks about the difficult birth of her baby girl and the emptiness she felt afterwards.  She was waiting for that "falling in love" most mothers experience with her new baby, which, when it didn't come, brought about terrifyingly bizarre thoughts.  Totally out of character but talking about it with others, medication, and perseverance, helped her through.  The dangers of not treating this depression are alarming and sufferers should seek help.
Conclusion - Interesting, especially for potential new moms as well as those who are suffering from depression.


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