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My Life with Sylvia Browne - A Son Reflects on Life with His Psychic Mother
by Chris Dufresne
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-56170-667-1
Published January 2000 - Paperback - 168 pages - $12.95

I've come to admire Sylvia Browne enormously, and to respect what she has to say with reverence.  I know that what I've read of her books (see my list of reviews) has changed the way I look at life.  She just makes sense.  I was therefore naturally curious to read more about her when I came across this book by her son, who's also psychic, Chris Dufresne.  He eloquently sets the stage regarding his own psychic abilities, and a little about his psychic daughter, as well as much about his mother.  I like this man's face - to me, it's a trustworthy face and it reflects a kind of goodness, drawing you into it.  I found it very interesting reading about his childhood and the "psychic" things he got up to.  Luckily for him, his mother completely understood what he was going through, so he had guidance.  He too knows his spirit guide (Charlie) but doesn't hear him as his mother hears hers (Francine).  Chris talks about life charts (something that really makes sense to me - see if you can identify your life theme from the list of 45 he's given), astral projections (his forte is astral projection and doing readings, while his mother's is being able to see spirits as well as do readings), that psychics can't read themselves ("This explains why no psychic wins the lottery, and why we have to learn our own lessons the hard way like everyone else," he says.), his psychic reading ability, and about past lives. 
Visit their website.
Conclusion - A huge insight into these two phenomenal people.  This book will open your eyes.

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