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Three Dog Nightmare
by Chuck Negron with Chris Blatchford
Renaissance Books
ISBN 1-58063-040-5
Published June 1999 - Hardcover - 368 pages - $22.95

Although this book was written about seven years ago, I chose to review it because its message is timeless.  Today there are still so many people facing similar demons Chuck Negron faced, and hopefully, some will find inspiration to clean up their acts.  Lead singer of the wildly popular early 70s rock group, Three Dog Night, Chuck Negron's voice is the voice behind their smash hit "Joy to the World".  He vividly recalls how he went from a clean-cut young man to a drugged-out bum.  Not a pretty story.  This was during the time that Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin died and when there were so many drugs around.  It seems there still are countless drugs out there and people are still ruining their lives (and the lives of those who love them) - pop stars, actors, musicians, business people, regular people - anybody can become a victim of drugs.  Negron used cocaine, uppers, downers, and then alcohol.  After a tour of Japan (they nearly wrecked the place), he started using heroin and got into an even bigger mess.  His wife had left him and his downward spiral was well underway.  He had so much random sex that his penis literally burst.  Perhaps this is how "sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" came about.  You'd think a few stints in rehab would work but in some treatments he was using during rehab.  How he survived using so much lethal stuff is hard to imagine.  This 63 year old (turns 64 in June 06) is alive and well and I saw him performing a few months ago on a PBS music show.  That's how I heard about his book.  Sadly, the scourge of drugs still remains a serious social problem and affects so many people - something that Negron continues to work at - helping others recover since his recovery.  Visit Chuck's website.
Conclusion - Vital reading for anyone doing drugs or living with a drug addict.

I wrote "Three Dog Nightmare" because I couldn't believe that more information wasn't available about what drugs and alcohol has done and is still doing to our culture.  Our young people seem to feel that the drug lifestyle is romantic and glamorous and they are dying every day.  I wanted them to know the truth that the millions of dollars I made and the 90,000,000 records I sold, didn't mean a thing to me once I became an addict.  Chuck Negron

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