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Terence Conran on London
by Terence Conran
Conran Octopus
ISBN 1-84091-389-4
Published February 2007 - Softcover - 304 pages - $19.95

The city of London is as familiar to me as the back of my hand.  I lived there for four years and was there as recently as last year.  It's an exciting city to visit, and one you can quite easily get around on foot.  It's too big to see on foot alone, of course, but there are wonderful walks you can do.  Terence Conran is synonymous with this fabulous city and one suitably qualified to write a book about.  He looks at the diversity of old and new, the architecture, its culture (superb), and more.  Mr. Conran is a furniture maker, a designer, a restaurateur, a retailer, and a publisher/author of many books, and he shares with us "his" London.  The city is truly cosmopolitan and on any given day you can hear many different languages being spoken around you.  London is known for its music, actors, stage shows, elegant stores, fashion houses, restaurants, parks, sports, streets, specialty shops, the underground, museums, bobbies, taxi cabs, royalty, pubs, and above all, a fascinating history.  There is so much to this incredible city that if you are going there, read as much as you can beforehand, and plot and plan to squeeze in as much as you can.  By reading this very interesting book. you'll have a great idea of what there is to see and do.  Mr. Conran covers "My London", "London at Home", "Transport", "Work", "Shopping", "Eating and Drinking", "Green London", and "Time Out".  Beautifully illustrated throughout.
Conclusion - Wonderfully interesting and a delightful reminder of this magnificent city.

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