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Craft Hope - Handmade Crafts for a Cause
by Jade Sims
Lark Crafts
ISBN 978-1-60059-624-7
Published August 2010 - Softcover - 144 pages - $17.95

A portion of the sales of this book goes to Global Impact which promotes humanitarian relief and development (www.charity.org).  Yay, someone giving back.  Actually making something yourself and selling it and raising funds is SO much better than just writing a check for charity.  This was my intention with my own book for wildlife charity, which sadly didn't take off.  However, this is a wonderful success story of how people came together (in a blog) and made all sorts of toys, clothes, blankets and quilts that would end up in another's possession, often half-way across the world.  The story Jade Sims tells is poignant and very touching.  It's not a just a case of "giving", as it also takes thought about what you're making and who the recipient will be.  It's worth making sure your "gift" is appropriate, and there are web address for each particular craft in this book so you can see what they need or what they're looking for.  Not only will you be helping people in this country, but also in Mexico, Nicaragua, India, Iraq, Thailand, and others.  I loved the first craft of Pillowcase Dresses.  Ingenious!  Some of the other crafts you can make include Aprons, Baby Kimonos, Gloves, Scarves, Mittens, and Dolls.  I also LOVED the Bandana Pants and seed ball ideas.  Templates are provided.  Don't throw away your old clothes.  If you're not very crafty, get online and find where you can send them to be used to make these crafts.  Lots of people will gladly take old dresses, drapes, pillowcases, t-shirts, etc. off your hands and turn them into something different for someone else.  You'll still be helping.
Visit Jade Sims' website to see how you can help.
Conclusion - A wonderfully rewarding read.  I cried my way through this book.

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