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The Crystal Healing Set
by Judy Hall
Thunder Bay Press
ISBN 1-59223-512-3
Published November 2005 - Book and Crystals - 125 pages - $21.95

Crystals have been used in healing for eons, but they are now making a comeback in our modern world.  With the rising and astronomically high medical costs these days, what's a few crystals?  And if they work, so much the better.  They work by "directing their energies towards different chakras - the body's spinning energy vortices which are believed to control our physical and spiritual well-being".  Many crystals have different healing properties.  For example: Amethyst - absorbs negativity and promotes spiritual awareness and contentment among other things; Aquamarine - enhances creativity and eases fears and phobias among others; Bloodstone - enhances decision-making insight among others; Rose Quartz - heightens self-esteem and emotional support, and Sodalite - balances metabolism and aids sleep.  There is a very interesting history of crystals and gems in the book, which, if you're interested, will substantially enlighten you.  I don't pretend to even partially understand it all.  We're given indepth details to the various chakras, which makes things so much easier to understand.  Crystals are, after all, directly from Nature (and all matter is energy), and to me it's completely plausible that they could have a direct bearing on our health.  Always keep an open mind - if there is no understandable explanation for something, it does not mean it has to be dismissed.  Crystals are beautiful and I feel a natural affinity towards them - I love holding them in my hands and looking closely at their colors and textures.  In this set I got six crystals - Amethyst, Bloodstone, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Orange Carnelian, and Sodalite.
Conclusion - Very interesting.

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