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Digital Nature and Landscape Photography
by Mark Lucock
Photographers' Institute Press
ISBN 1-86108-5146
Published March 2008 - Softcover - 176 pages - $19.95

As much as I love photography, I also love looking at photographic books, and this one is no exception.  This book starts out with a brief history of the camera, film, and picture taking before moving onto the "digital revolution."  Author Mark Lucock says, "...this book will also introduce you to the world of website construction, and the process of producing your own on demand 'collectable books'..." - well now.  As easy and convenient as digital photography is, I am not too enthralled with the Photoshop aspect of it all.  And I have no need (yet, I don't think) to "scan transparencies to a high resolution or to interpolate TIFFS converted from RAW files," whatever that means.  I point and shoot and only rarely change the brightness or even touch my pictures up (using my new camera).  I feel "altering" your photos is cheating.  If one wishes to market one's photos, then I would rather just pay a professional to do these more advanced steps for me, leaving me more time to just shoot my pictures.  However, if you're more professional about your digital photos, then you're going to love this book.  While I can't pretend to understand a lot of what Mark Lucock writes about (the technical stuff for which I'd probably need to take a class), I could enjoy his photos and appreciate the camera settings he used in each instance.  I did not read this book in its entirety as it became more involved than I anticipated.  I did go through the rest of the book and admired and absorbed his exquiste photographs (a great way to get composition ideas), which is one of the big reasons I treasure the information given with all the photographs.
Visit Lucock's website.
Conclusion - A necessity in the life of anyone who's really into their digital photography.

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