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The Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7432-2828-6
Published September 2005 - Hardcover (Box) - 64 pages - $45.00

This is a novel book, the likes of which I've not seen before.  It comes in its own box and is a delight to explore.  Rather like a scrap album, hence the title, that you made yourself, and it also comes with a CD of Bob Dylan interviews which spans a decade.  It's difficult to find a slot for Dylan's music, but an obvious one would be folk, but he also did rock.  Leaving his home state of Minnesota at age nineteen, and heading for the east coast, full of ambition, turned out to be the right move.  There he was able to hear the sounds and see the styles of the day, and to find his own niche.  Of course he's also known as a poet but isn't comfortable being known as the "spokesman for a generation" - he just did what came naturally.  He continues to this day, his fifth decade, but his most influential and formative years are those covered in this book.  There are copies of newspaper clippings, his yearbook picture, handwritten lyrics, show anouncements, concert ticket stubs, rare photographs, and very interesting text.  There is also a discography at the end of the book.  Bob Dylan is not known for his interviews so this is a superb collection of his musical life - love him or hate him, you gotta admire him - he's one of a kind.
Conclusion - A great collection, one I'm sure collectors will be clamoring for.

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