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Touching The Edge - A Mother's Spiritual Path from Loss to Life
by Margaret Wurtele
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN 0-471-22287-9
Published January 2003 - Hardcover - 246 pages - $24.95

The horror of losing a child is unimaginable to most of us yet it happens on a daily basis all around the world.  Margaret Wurtele tells of how her only child fell to his death on Mount Rainier in Washington state.  He and a friend were en route to rescue a climber in distress.  Both perished while the distressed climber survived.  Her pain and confusion is eloquently broadcast here along with the phenomenally loving support of both family and friends.  She composes beautiful sentiments about her getting back her sanity by taking breaks in the stunning Minnesota countryside or the Napa Valley, pursuing her recent commitment to seeking spirituality, and allowing herself to grieve.  At the burial service for her son she writes, "I want to be a rose, tossed on to his grave, to drift petal by petal, down to mingle with this earth that will be his bed until the end of time", which I found rather profound and moving.  This woman's loss and subsequent progression is inspiring to anyone in a similar situation.  This is the worst kind of grief to endure and it's extremely comforting to know that what you may feel, and how may you react, is normal and acceptable.  Excrutiatingly sad at times, it is nevertheless a priviledge to have read about this amazing woman's tragic loss.  I take my hat off to you, Phil's mom.
Conclusion - I highly recommend this wonderful book.  It's full of meaning and encouragement. BookBrowser

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