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The Funny Thing Is...
by Ellen DeGeneres
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7432-4761-2
Published October 2003 - Hardcover - 177 pages - $23.00

This book is like indulging in your own private audience with Ms. DeGeneres.  Marvelously setting the scenes and seeing them through with hilarity, I loved, and sadly, identified with her chapter entitled "smartishness".  I'm not saying which parts I identified with, but just that I did.  She is so funny and this book is sure to bring a smile to your face.  Her ability to relate a sketch convincingly is a treasure and I'll be returning to this book just to have a laugh.  If you've ever seen one of her shows, you'll recognize her inimitable style, and her take on everday things had me chuckling.  I don't have a favorite chapter but I did also love "that was then or then was that or anyway, it was before now".  This book will appeal to her many fans and probably garner her some new ones.
See my review of Ellen's third book, Seriously, I'm Kidding.
Conclusion - Very worthwhile.

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