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The Fireman's Wife - A Memoir
by Susan Farren
ISBN 1-4013-0173-8
Published March 2006 - Hardcover - 211 pages - $16.95

In my mind, our true heroes are firefighters, policemen and women, and Emergency Room doctors and nurses.  Teachers too, but that's another story.  God Bless Them All.  They do things the average person wouldn't choose as a career and we should be in awe of them.  Author Susan Farren's husband Dan's profession?  Firefighter.  This is the story of how they met, married and adjusted to both a new baby and Dan's new career as a fireman.  She talks about how they adjusted (tried to) to his shifts, her worries about the dangers of his job, how they coped, and how close to his colleagues a fireman becomes - it's like having another family.  The bond they share is incredible - we've seen and heard firefighters on television after a disaster and how they say they'll do anything for their "brothers".  This bond goes beyond the boundaries of their precinct - it is part and parcel of everyone's family life too.  Wives in turn help each other out and they become like one big family, knowing they can rely on each other in any area.  In the event that an accident or tragedy does strike, the true colors of the firemen and women and their families come to light.  They rally around the stricken and make every effort to help out where and when needed.  This bond is incredible.  Susan Farren's story reaffirms what most of us expected a firefighter's life is like, especially post-September 11th, and how much we appreciate all they do, all the time.
Conclusion - A nice read.

Review copy not supplied by publisher - library copy reviewed.

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