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The Art of Floral Arranging - Learning from the Master Florists at FlowerSchool New York
by Eileen W. Johnson
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
ISBN 978-1-4236-0103-6
Published November 2007 - Hardcover - 136 pages - $19.99

A vase of fresh-cut flowers in the home is a welcoming sight.  Sometimes it's a case of just popping one ot two stems in a tall vase and that's it!  Now who knew there is such a thing as a floral school?  In New York there is, and Eileen W. Johnson created it.  Her book will help those of us who don't live in Manhattan, and who would like to learn how to arrange flowers for our own homes, to get started as a career or to express our artistic flair.  Ms. Williams offers chapters on seven of her respected-in-their-own-right teachers, and so we have an array of methods and ideas to choose from.  Each has their individual style that they share in this book, and the step-by-step methods will show you how it's done.  You can apply whichever methods you like to your own choice of flowers and colors.  As examples, we're given a Dutch Bouquet, a Tulip Bouquet, a Rose Bouquet, Center Table Bouquets, Side Table Bouquets, Garden Bouquets, larger and more formal arrangements (i.e. the Metropolitan Museum of Art), and a Bridal Bouquet.  I love the arrangement on page 62.  I love the mix of colors and the different "textures" of the flowers.
Visit the school's website.
Conclusion - Beautifully illustrated and very inspirational.

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