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A Game Called Justice - A True Story That Reads Like a Science-fiction Thriller by Deirdre Glascoe Books in Review
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A Game Called Justice - A True Story That Reads Like a Science-fiction Thriller
by Deirdre Glascoe
Colette, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-9823268-1-7
Published July 2009 - Softcover - 342 pages - $23.25

One watches court television shows and hopes to God that we're never there ourselves.  And for the most part, most people don't go to court.  Sometimes, those who do go, are apparently there for the fun of it.  I would think that the overwhelming majority of those who do end up in court, whether initiated or not, are there for the right reasons.  Deirdre Glascoe's story will make you sit up and take notice.  Her story revolves around her buying a condominium and being in the middle of some very wrongdoings by the "caretakers" and managers, with her being wrongfully accused and sued for assault, exposing the owners for the frauds, liars and cheats they are, and ending up in court only to find a crooked judge and others along the way.  Horrifying if one is led to believe you are entitled to a "speedy trial" and in "justice for all".  It's not always so.  Glascoe's life changed because she was used as a scapegoat in one man's attempt to swindle the condominium owners out of their homes and she was in the way.  She stood up for herself and for the other owners who weren't aware of what was going on and were being pacified, thus keeping them in the dark.  She learned the basics of the law (no mean feat) before representing herself in court.  One gutsy lady.  Even though this whole saga is rather longwinded with all the dialogue, it is interesting and noteworthy, especially if you have plans to represent yourself in court.  This story would make a great movie!
Visit the aGameCalledJustice.com website.
Conclusion - The book does not reveal an outcome as to who won the case and how it was won, which is a bummer.

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