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Cutting Your Family's Hair by Gloria Handel Books in Review
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Cutting Your Family's Hair
by Gloria Handel
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN 978-1-4027-2654-5
Published August 2005 - Softcover - 128 pages - $12.95

I took a very basic cutting course which is great to be able to trim the hair of friends and family.  I wouldn't dare presume to be able to "cut" hair.  However, with this handy book, I'll be able to teach myself more than I already know!  It's not too difficult to cut hair, providing of course the hair you're about to cut, is manageable.  If not, recommending your "client" go to a proper hairstylist is the prudent thing to do.  So, this book has styles for all ages and both sexes, and for each cut, hairstylist Gloria Handel offers great step-by-step photos so it's easy to follow.  She also talks about keeping hair healthy and offers recipes for making natural hair products such as shampoos, rinses, and conditioners.  Examples include Egg Shampoo, Four Herb Shampoo, Jojoba Conditioner, Hair Pomade (for moisturizing), Baking Soda Rinse (gets rid of environmental pollutants, shampoo residue, etc.), and Vinegar Rinse.  She also talks about Hair Types, Texture, and Density, Face Shapes (important to understand when cutting hair — many styles people want won't suit them because of the shape of their face), and what styles go with which face shapes.  You don't need that many tools, but the way to get the best cuts is to invest in the best pair of scissors you can afford.  If you don't, you might as well switch to gardening.  My challenge is to find someone who can cut my hair evenly and not leave the one side looking as though the mice got to it.  For that reason, my hair is now long.  Oh, and the expensive upkeep I can't afford.  There aren't any ethnic haircuts or styles offered in this book.
Conclusion - Very helpful for anyone wanting to earn a few dollars working at home.

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