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Desperate Housewives - Behind the Scenes
ISBN 1-4013-0826-0
Published September 2005 - Softcover - 192 pages - $17.95

An exaggerated look at suburban life with the hit television show "Desperate Housewives" gets broken down into minute details - if you want to "get into" the show even more than just on a Sunday night.  The characters, all now household names, are explained in detail, as are the actors.  Great if you missed a few episodes or if some things don't appear right.  Full of glossy stills from the show (lots of fashion hits and misses too) which are plentiful and fun and there are even some recipes.  Details on the "Desperate Husbands" are included and also on the children and various illustrious guests on the show, making it a nicely rounded out book.  I loved the "Disparate No-Lives" MAD comic strip in the book.  There's even a street map where everyone's home is clearly shown - makes trying to work out who lives where so much easier.  Even more fun are the interior and exterior pictures of the homes on Wisteria Lane as well as production/shooting photos, and, there's even the pilot script you can read.  A few weeks ago I was at Universal Studios and took the studio trolley tour and we passed "Wisteria Lane" - I snapped a picture but it was so quick and I didn't recognize it from looking for it in the book.  It all looked so real.
Conclusion - Great insight to a very popular television show.


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