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How to Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi Books in Review
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How to Have Style
by Isaac Mizrahi
Gotham Books
ISBN 978-1-59240-392-9
Published October 2008 - Softcover - 224 pages - $30.00

I love Mizrahi's work.  Don't own any of his creations but I do like his style.  He's fun without being frivolous.  He's sensible yet a little risky.  Mizrahi believes we (women) all have it in us to be stylish, and that all we need is to re-examine ourselves and our attitudes towards ourselves.  And I couldn't agree more.  Just look around at the supermarket or the mall - there are far too many women (and men!) who haven't a clue and who apparently don't give a toss about their appearances.  That's all good and well "being yourself", but spare a thought for the rest of us who have to look at you.  Now, Mr. Mizrahi offers us fabulous advice about how we need to think more highly of ourselves, how to be inspired ("inspiration comes from the most surprising places"), how to have style on a budget, how to reinvent ourselves, when we're not a size 12, to grow up, and more.  I loved and agreed with this quote: "Know when a particular style doesn't work for you and pass on it.  Confidence and knowing what's right for you is 95 percent of style".  Yes!  Not everyone should wear what's "fashionable".  This book features the dilemmas and the changes (remedies) and ultimate successes of twelve women, and it's an eye-opener.  He also offers ideas on shoes, make-up, purses, jewerly, underwear, and more.  I loved the new Lisa (pages 66-77) and never thought caftans would be seen on fashion and/or style pages again - I want one!  I also loved the turquoise jeans idea.  I adore wedge heels!  See page 186.  And I'd love the red watch on page 194 - perfect for my lifestyle.  My dream is for a total fashion makeover - I feed horses and am outside taking photos - I wear the same things for days - I don't have a choice.  What little I have is from Goodwill and is ill-fitting.
Visit these websites: www.isaacmizrahiny.com, www.watchisaac.com, and www.howtohavestyle.com.
Conclusion - A great go-to book when you're stuck in a fashion rut.  Very practical and helpful.

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