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The Greatest Joke Book Ever by Mel Greene Books in Review
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The Greatest Joke Book Ever
by Mel Greene
ISBN 0-380-79849-2
Published November 1999 - Paperback - 338 pages - $14.00

Never mind that this book was published more than ten years ago, a good joke is timeless.  Firstly however, some of the jokes are now not politically correct, but they're still essentially funny.  If you want to repeat them, clean them up for today's audience.  I really enjoy well told jokes that are in story form, and many of these jokes are.  There are also some one- and two-liners.  Not everyone can tell a joke well, but you can read and enjoy them yourself.  Great to keep handy when you need a lift during the day.  Choose a page at random and perhaps you'll come up with something to cheer you up, like this one: Hear about the blonde who got an AM radio?  It took her a month to realize she could play it at night.  Or this one: What's the last thing you usually hear before a redneck dies?  "Hey ya'll...Watch this!"  What about this one?  How do some men define Roe vs Wade? Two ways to cross a river.
Mel Greene (I don't know if all the jokes are his creations or not) covers Airplanes; Bars and Booze; The Battle of the Sexes; Blondes; Business; Cars; Computers; Doctors; Kids; Lawyers; Lightbulb Jokes; Miscellaneous; The Pearly Gates; Pets and Other Animals; Politics; Rednecks and City Slickers; Religion; Sports, and the United States.  That's just about everything I'd say.  This book would make a great addition to the jokester in your family's collection.
Conclusion - Very funny but perhaps not "the greatest joke book ever".

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