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Bon Jovi - When We Were Beautiful Books in Review
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Bon Jovi - When We Were Beautiful
Collins Design
ISBN 978-0-06-186415-5
Published November 2009 - Hardcover - 190 pages - $30.00

I think Jon Bon Jovi is one of the most beautiful and sexy men around.  Just look at the photo on page 17.  I love their rock (and not-so-rock) music and their often very moving lyrics.  I didn't know too much about the group except for a handful of hit songs, the lead singer, and Richie Sambora.  With this photo album-esque book, you can salivate over some fabulous documentary-type photos as well as learn about this enduring band.  Together for 25 years, they've churned out many memorable foot-tapping hits, ones we all love to sing along to.  The band is a tightknit brotherhood who've stuck by each other and speak fondly of each, exactly like brothers who get along really well.  This collector's item of a book features new and old photos of the guys, from lounging around the studio to performing on stage at concerts around the world, having a laugh, or writing songs.  They are snapshots of their lives and of the profession of one of the world's most successful rock bands.  The pictures show long and short hair, "show" clothes and casual attire, serious faces and fun faces, the whole bang shoot.  Like anything in this life, it's not all fun and games, and the guys tell us about it all, spelling it out for us, clearing things up.  For me, above all, it's that voice!  And the music, naturally.  In my mind, they're all still very beautiful.
Visit the Bon Jovi website.
Conclusion - It's a wonderful trip down Memory Lane.  A book to definitely treasure.

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