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Kitchen Planner Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens
ISBN 0-696-21250-1
Published January 2002 - Softcover - 128 pages - $14.95

I love the Better Homes and Gardens books so much - they're so varied and so very inspirational.  Take the cover picture of this book - if I could have this kitchen, I'd have thought I had died and gone to heaven.  (A better view is on pages 4 and 5.)  Space is usually the demon most kitchens have to contend with, so I really loved the pull-out pantry space-saving idea on page 12.  A good idea is to spend time actually looking at these photographs - there are lots of ideas you can make your own, and follow their advice and take notes for future use.  I thought the designs on pages 30/ 31 and 116/117 were really helpful when planning a kitchen.  In this book you'll also find ideas about tiles, cupboard and drawer handles, countertop finishes, flooring, sinks, stoves, lighting, and more.  The idea of a little room near the kitchen, especially with the bookcase as on page 37, with all of one's cookbooks nearby, is a wonderful idea.  Kitchens I really fancy are the ones on pages 26 (gorgeous), 34/35 (very pretty), and 100 (top picture).  Whether you're planning a kitchen in a new home, or thinking about revamping your existing one, this book can help.  Personally, I favor a huge work surface, lots of light, and functional storage - all of which are covered in this book.  Oh, and don't be afraid to use color.
Conclusion - I just loved this book.

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