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The Kodak Most Basic Book of Digital Photography
by Jeff Wignall
Lark Books
ISBN 1-57990-762-8
Published March 2006 - Softcover - 95 pages - $14.95

With most of us firmly entrenched in the digital age, let's not just assume we know what we're doing with a digital camera.  I wonder how many digital camera owners actually read the instruction manual.  Or how many people use their camera to its fullest extent.  There are many useful features on cameras these days and it would compromise your photographs if you weren't aware of them.  This book is about the basics of digital photography and can be applied, where possible, on most basic cameras.  It covers everything from "Inside a Digital Camera" to "How Pixels Work", "Memory Cards" to Taking Great Digital Pictures", and a whole lot more.  It may seem daunting at first, but if you're not maximizing your camera's capabilities, that's a shame.  We also learn about shutter speeds, lenses, f/stops, lighting, flash, and more.  For anyone wanting to make the most of their camera, learning about it is essential.  Even better is to learn about photography in general terms.  Learning on a film SLR camera is ideal but not always practical.  I was reminded of my days using an SLR camera and all the facilities I didn't think about using on a digital camera.  By implementing these techniques, I now hope to improve my photos and maximize the use of my digital camera.  One of the best features (I think) on a digital camera, is the ability to see your pictures instantly, and the fact that you need only print if and what you need.
Conclusion - Although this book is almost "juvenile" in its appearance, it's very informative for all "photographers".

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