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Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini Books in Review
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Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
by Leah Remini
Ballantine Books
ISBN 978-1101886960
Published November 2015 - Hardcover - 256 pages - $18.51

Wow!  What a book!  I've not been as shocked or surprised in a long time.  Ms. Remini truly spells it out with regards to the Church of Scientology, the way only someone directly involved could do.  Apart from writing about her life as an actress, the people she's worked with and her life on a hit television show, the details she shares about the structure and goings on in the church will make your hair stand on end.  Spying and reporting on other members, syphoning one's money out from underneath you, making you do demeaning jobs as punishment, and so much more.  The eye-opener for me were her Tom Cruise bombs.  She does not hold back, and I'm thankful to her for that, as she sheds a whole new perspective, not only on the actor, but on Hollywood as we think we know it.  We do not know!  Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes, says Remini, was a production you'll not believe.  Please read it.  I love her outspokeness, her gutsy approach to her work and life, and her determination.  I think she was beyond brave writing this book.  Her story is interesting and not malicious by any means, she's just telling it like it is.
Conclusion - Brava!  If you think you know about Scientology, think again.  If you think you have an idea about how Hollywood works, think again.  Thank you for this enlightening book, Ms. Remini.  Thank you very much.

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