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Life 101 - For the Young and Young At Heart
by Caren A. Adams
Amaca Publishing
ISBN 1-59457-835-4
Published February 2005 - Paperback - 207 pages - $13.99

I don't know why it says "novel" on the cover of this book when it's about "practical solutions to life's daily problems" using the author's own experiences to help us learn to live a fuller life.  It's broken up into categories and lessons such as "Well Being" (32 lessons), "Security" (one lesson), "Religion" (2 lessons), "Organize" (6 lessons), "Education" (16 lessons), and "Career" (3 lessons), plus more.  Each lesson is broken into "Plan to do this", "Why should you do this?", "What happened?", and "How do you do this?" and each lesson is just over one page long.  There are lots of ideas on how to live a balanced life - most are common sense but, I guess there are still those out there who need to be told how to live.  Unfortunately I didn't find this book particularly inspiring but it was fairly interesting and, I'm sure, will appeal to many looking for some direction in their lives.
Conclusion - Would make a nice gift for a friend (or to yourself) who seems to have lost their way a little.


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