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How To Remodel a Man
by W. Bruce Cameron
St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0-312-33318-8
Published October 2005 - Paperback - 268 pages - $11.95

The subtitle of this book is "Tips and Techniques on Accomplishing Something You Know is Impossible but Want to Try Anyway".  "If only" springs to mind.  Humorist and author of "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter", W. Bruce Cameron, has come with this "if only we could" book that will have many women chuckling and many men cringing.  He goes about letting us know why men are the way they are and the changes we women would like to make.  As we know, we can't change men per se, but Cameron's take on men's faults is really very funny.  He opens up about men and their ways and then gives us tips on how to rectify things.  (Little does he know some of us have been able to convince men to do things "our way" for ages.)  Many are blatantly obvious, and some of them we see in our daily lives, and according to "them", there's absolutely nothing wrong with the way they are.  They're so conceited it's really aggravating at times.  Cameron says, "... I revealed to you that men are deliberately bad at housework.  We pretend to be unable to muster the intelligence required to iron a shirt, though we still think only men should be president", which pretty much sums men up.  Generally speaking, that is.  Also, "A man can always act more stupid than a woman.  It's one of his principal skills", is another beauty.  This book covers sports, manners, competition, communication, gadgets, romance, clothing, and so much more.  The yoga bit had me howling.  My suggestion would be to record/videotape a man ranting illogically and childishly and then play it back to him when he's sober or least expecting it.  You might be lucky.  Men really do think they're a breed apart.  Hey, I do know men who are not all like this - whether they were before or not, I don't know.  They're pretty reasonable now, however.  I would love to hear this book on audio - a lot is lost in the reading if you don't concentrate as you go.  Visit Cameron at his website for more about the author.
Conclusion - Great observation skills put to humorous use.

"What a pleasure it is to run across someone who actually understands humor!  The world is too serious as it is.  Thanks for a great review."  W. Bruce Cameron


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