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A Complete Guide to Manicure & Pedicure
by Leigh Toselli
New Holland
ISBN 978-1-84330-861-4
Published March 2006 - Hardcover - 128 pages - $24.95

If you've never experienced the pure luxury and self-indulgence of a pedicure and/or manicure, do yourself a huge favor and have one!  You don't have to have all glitter and paste or acrylic nails, just sit back and enjoy the pampering and clean and neat feeling afterwards.  This book offers a "visual approach" to caring for your hands and feet, and model-turned-make-up artist-stylist-fashion co-ordinator-designer Leigh Toselli offers great advice (and lessons) about our skin, what it does, how it's made up, and how we should care for it.  She also gives an insight to the inner workings of our hands and feet and how we can make the most of our important tools.  Not just from a cosmetic aspect, but knowing how our hands and feet work, we're better equipped when it comes to caring for them, from both what we eat to how we groom them.  If your nails are weak or brittle or just don't grow, you'll learn how to apply acrylic or gel or false nails and how to keep them looking good.  Her great step-by-step manicure and pedicure guides make it easy for us to follow along for a DIY job at home or on friends.  For the feet, she talks about the problems associated with ill-fitting shoes, fungus, odor, and keeping the feet clean and healthy.  I loved the foot exercises which are easy to perform and very beneficial.  If our feet aren't free of ingrown toenails or cracked and painful heels, we can experience all kinds of pain and discomfort.  Feet need to be pampered and in turn our legs and backs will benefit.  Reflexology is also explained and demonstrated.
See my review of Leigh's other book, The Complete Makeup and Beauty Book.
Conclusion - Very inspirational and cost-effective treatments for home use.

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