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Just Who Will You Be? - Big Question.  Little Book.  Answer Within
by Maria Shriver
ISBN 1-4013-2318-9
Published April 2008 - Hardcover - 95 pages - $14.95

A charming coincidence happened - I was watching Oprah, who's guest was her longtime friend Maria Shriver, when my UPS deliveryman dropped off the very book they were discussing.  Ms. Shriver's book is about the graduation speech she was asked to make for her nephew, which she was then encouraged to put into book form.  She, like most people, thought about what it was she wanted to be when she grew up, and after much thought and consideration, she realized it wasn't a case of "what," but rather "who."  I was particularly struck by this sentence in her book: "I mean the only way you can come to feel worthy, and really good about yourself - the only way to find a life of meaning and joy - is to find your own voice, find your own path, follow your own heart, and live your own life, not an imitation of somebody else's."  This really hit home for me - too often we do things we think (and hope) will be pleasing to others.  Myself included.  Why do we do this?  I also took note of this line in her poem: "'Cause it isn't your job that defines who you'll be," and this, "I've learned we're all worthy of being loved just for being ourselves."  Finally, she gives us the 10-point pledge she made for herself.  On Oprah she says she hoped we would also make a similar pledge for ourselves.  Personally, I've set goals and "pledges," but coming up against brick walls and negativity, puts me back beyond where I started.  I enjoyed reading this inspiring little book, and it warmed my heart to know I'm not alone in the way I think.  Thank you for that.
See my review of Ms. Shriver's other little book, One More Thing Before You Go.
Conclusion - Beautifully encouraging and full of positive notes.

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