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No Woman No Cry
by Rita Marley with Hettie Jones
ISBN 0-7868-6867-8
Published May 2004 - Hardcover - 209 pages - $22.95

This is the story of Rita Marley's humble beginnings in Jamaica and how she started singing in her teens and how she and Bob Marley met and married.  Both poor and struggling artists in an emerging market, they fell in love having worked together making music.  A few children later and a move to the States by Rita to try and make some money, resulted in Bob fathering two sons outside of his marriage.  Although upset, Rita never divorced Bob as she felt he was a good man and the father of her children.  Besides, she loved the man and it was not uncommon to have children with other woman.  Rita moved her brood out of her Aunty's home and bought a place (with Bob's help) for her and the children.  By now Bob had made an album and was away a lot, touring and promoting, and Rita started a restaurant and ran an organic farm growing coconuts, avocados, and fruit like oranges and apples.  She also started a woman's organization.  Rita relates how she coped alone with five little children and how she carved out a place for herself in life.  She started singing a little more and before long was touring with Bob.  They went back to living as man and wife for a while.  She tells about the unrest in Jamaica and how they were both shot, how their lives changed, and of course, about Bob's fatal illness.
Conclusion - Very interesting.

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