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50 Nifty Beaded Cards by Chris Rankin Books in Review
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50 Nifty Beaded Cards
by Chris Rankin
Lark Books
ISBN 978-1-60059-146-4
Published May 2008 - Softcover - 128 pages - $17.95

I make and sell my own wildlife greeting cards so I was drawn to this book of cards.  A lot different from my own cards but something that appealed to my creative side.  With so many ways to make cards and tags, I thought I'd get some ideas which I can make my own.  We're given a wide array of paper, beads, wires, thread, tools, and other tools of the trade, none of which is limited — your imagination has no limit!  The designs range from very mixed components to just a few embellishments, and you can stamp, emboss, glue, sew, cut, trim, fold, tear, punch, tie, and whatever else you can come with, to your heart's delight.  The designs in this book are from a number of artists and are therefore diverse as far as style and creativity is concerned.  Some of the cards I'd be delighted to receive, include: Flower Song, Color Fusion, Desert Vessel, Wire Whimsy Tag (you can really dress them up if you're making Christmas tags), and the Great Frame-Up.  I liked many of the designs and think I can perhaps make some of them myself.  Sometimes a favorite card can be framed as a keepsake and displayed on a cabinet or hung on a wall, and recipients usually appreciate the time, effort, and creative thought put into a handmade card.  Remember to use a padded envelope if you're mailing your card.  You don't want it crushed en route.
Conclusion - Great ideas to inspire you into making something personal for friends and family.

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