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North America the Beautiful
by Galen Rowell
White Star
ISBN 88-544-0108-0
Published June 2006 - Hardcover - 320 pages - $30.00

These pictorial accounts of places are my favorite books.  I can lose myself in their absolute beauty and wonder.  This book is made up of photos of "North America", which to photographer Galen Rowell (1940-2002), constitutes the continent "from Mexico through Canada to Alaska, as well as the Arctic Islands of Baffin, Greenland, and the Pribilofs, plus the tropical archipelagos of Hawaii and the Caribbean".  This intrepid man has photographed just about everywhere, and this is just a sampling of his award-winning craft we can enjoy.  I love his picture on pages 22/23 of Walden's Pond - how I'd love a huge print of this picture.  I also like Wilson Peak on pages 136/137.  This book is divided into these chapters: The California Coast; The Pacific Northwest; The California Desert; The Sierra Nevada; The Great Basin; The Southwest; The American Rockies; The Great Plains and Heartlands; the Appalachians and the Atlantic Coast; The Everglades; The Caribbean; The Mexican Mainland; The Baja Peninsula; Hawaii; Alaska, The Yukon and British Columbia; The Canadian Rockies; Canada's Northwest Territories; Canada's Eastern Arctic, and Greenland.  I find these "travel" books moving and inspiring, and am filled with inspiration to get out and see more places for myself.  How he got to capture the spectacular colors of nature I find astounding.
Conclusion - An absolute delight.

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