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Paint It! - 101 ideas, designs, & patterns for decorating any surface
Better Homes and Gardens (Meredith Books)
ISBN 0-696-21264-1
Published January 2002 - Softcover - 160 pages - $19.95

Everyone needs a hobby and this could be just what you're looking for.  If you like color and making things then this should be one craft you could try.  It's not only about painting on glass either.  You can paint on almost anything and there's no limit to your expressive imagination.  You are guided through the choosing of brushes, types of paints, and surfaces.  Even if you're not artistic in the true sense of the word, and cannot paint as such, you can still make colorful patterns and enjoy your hobby.  It's very fulfilling and productive and you can start making your own gifts.  Try painting on glass plates first which act like a page and are not as difficult as painting on glasses.  They've given some pattern templates so that you can at least benefit from some guidance if you're like me and struggle to draw a straight line let alone paint!  You are taken through step-by-step stages for each project so there's little room for "error".  I liked the idea of pulling out pieces of foam from a little paint roller for a speckled or mottled effect, and also the leaf-painting technique.  So, don't throw out those old glasses or tiles as they could become your next works-of-art.  You'll be looking with different eyes at flea markets and yard sales as you search for things to paint.
Conclusion - Great decorating ideas for everyone and full of inspiring ideas that will keep children busy for ages, with supervision of course.


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