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Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography
by Brenda Tharp
Amphoto Books
ISBN 978-8174-3961-3
Published February 2010 - Softcover - 160 pages - $25.99

I love this book because I see so much of the types of photos I like to take.  Not necessarily intentionally, but I guess that's what I see or am probably lured by.  (In my own wildlife book see pages 8, 9, 34 and bottom left on page 42.)  You'll love looking at the patterns in Brenda Tharp's photographs in her book, as she captures what many of us don't see even though it's there.  Her first chapter is entitled "Learning to See".  Many of her photos have water, trees, mountains, or rocks as subjects.  Tharp tries to communicate with her photographs and says, "...the common goal is to make our photographs as creative and expressive as possible", which is relevant to whatever genre you work in.  She also says, "The goal of the book is to teach you how to use light, design, composition, and other creative techniques to make photographs that go beyond the ordinary".  She uses digital SLR cameras.  Some of the photos I loved in this book are on pages 8, 44, 59, 87, 97, 102 (bottom), and 145 (bottom).  Tharp shows you how to look for form, shape, lines, patterns, perspective and composition, lenses and their uses, and more.  Once again, if you want to learn from these kinds of books, the shot information (example: 90mm tilt shift lens, f/16 at 8 seconds with polarizing filter) is given.  For me though, I still am not moved enough to become that technically savvy.  I'll probably never become a great photographer, but I feel good about what I do produce at the moment.  How about you?  I love her reflections as I also love taking those types of pictures and feel inspired to look for more.  Of course, the greatest inspiration is Nature herself.
Conclusion - This book offers fantastic learning opportunities plus Tharp's superb photos to enjoy.

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