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Quilted Bags & Purses
by Mary Jo Hiney
ISBN 1-4027-5390-X
Published March 2008 - Softcover - 144 pages - $14.95

With the economy as bad as it is, looking for ways to supplement one's income will be a necessity for many people.  Making and selling goods is one way of solving any financial shortcomings you may be facing.  But, please check about using the patterns and designs in this book with regards to copyright.  You are of course, free to design your own items.  If you are already a quilter, no doubt you have the necessary tools; otherwise, do read what you'll need.  I like the idea of customizing a bag or purse as you hardly ever find exactly what you need in the stores, but you can make what you're looking for.  And best of all, you can perfectly match the fabric/s for the bag with whatever you want to pair it with outfit-wise.  The designs I really loved are: "truthfulness" (I'd like one made in shades of purple); "bliss" (what a gorgeous item to make as a gift!), and "warmth and beauty".  Personally, I didn't understand what the devil was going on with regards to stitching and cutting.  Then again, I've never learned how to quilt.
Conclusion - A lovely book to use yourself or to give as a gift to a quilter/stitcher friend.

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