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I Still Have It...I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It - Confessions of a Fiftysomething by Rita Rudner Books in Review
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I Still Have It...I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It - Confessions of a Fiftysomething
by Rita Rudner
Harmony Books
ISBN 978-0-307-39459-0
Published May 2008 - Hardcover - 257 pages - $23.00

I first discovered American comedienne Rita Rudner on British television twentysomething years ago, and loved her self-deprecating humor.  This book, Ms. Rudner's fifth, is about aging.  Having turned fifty (or filthy as she finds herself saying), she's noticed a few personal changes in her life, and writes about things like "Catalog Shopping," "Superficial Nightmares of the Over-Priviledged Woman," "What to Wear...Not," "The Advantage of Vintage," and "Shake, Rattle, and Rebuild."  If you've ever seen Rudner on stage or on television, you'll appreciate her humor and delivery in her book.  Thankfully we have humor in our lives and that some of us can laugh aging in the face (some fight back but it's a losing battle as Mother Nature is all powerful).  People like Rita Rudner make aging more acceptable and okay to make fun of getting old.  After all, what ya gonna do?  Her observations and recollections of the silliness and oftentimes absurdity in our lives, was hilarious.  I loved the sidebars at the beginning of almost every chapter.  Personally, I looked forward to turning 50 last year.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Finally, I answer to no one.  I'm not out to please anyone anymore.  But, I do see the funny side of fifty.
Visit Ms. Rudner's website.
Conclusion - Really funny and definitely worth a read.

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