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City Walks: Rome - 50 Adventures on Foot by Martha Fay Books in Review
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City Walks: Rome - 50 Adventures on Foot
by Martha Fay
Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-0-848-5127-5
Published March 2006 - Card Deck - 50 Cards - $14.95

Oh how I wish I had studied cards like these when I visited Rome.  As I didn't have much time and spent most of it aimlessly walking around, I'd have done better with these cards than with the puny map I did have.  This deck describes Rome thus: "...an open-air museum with a street life that is among the most vibrant to be found in Europe."  Getting lost in Rome is very easy and not to be stressed over — I "found" many a treasure in the form of recognizable buildings, streets, monuments or gardens by getting lost.  Use these cards/walks to plan a few days exploring this historical and exceptional ancient city.  The cards are grouped by zones so you can combine several walks in one day or you can pick and choose what to see when.  Each card tells you which bus to take or which Metro (there are only two — A or B) and where to start your tour.  You can of course start wherever you find yourself.  The cards offer points of interest and historical snippets among other information.  Along the way you're definitely going to see the Spanish Steps, the Via Condotti, Caffè Greco, the Borghese Gardens and villa, Via Venetto, the Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum, many piazzas and obelisks, markets, stores, churches, the Pantheon, and the Palantine Hill for views of this impressive city.  This deck does not give the distances of each walk but the average time it takes for each tour is one to two hours.  Places and street names are given in Italian.  You don't have to stick rigidly to the walks, as much has been discovered by wandering off a little.
Conclusion - A wonderful introduction to a memorable and history-laden city.

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