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Scrabble Puzzles - Volumes 1 and 2
by Joe Edley
ISBN 1-4027-5518-X (Vol. 1) and 1-4027-5519-8 (Vol. 2)
Published April 2008 - Paperbacks - 128 pages - $6.95 Scrabble Puzzles Volume 2 by Joe Edley

I love Scrabble.  I don't have anyone to play with but I do have a computer version I use.  I was curious to see what these books had to offer but I was skeptical as I was used to using tiles to play with.  The puzzles are for those "who want to improve their game," and they start off in a mid-game play.  From the three racks given for each game, you have to try and get the highest-scoring play.  Joe Edley, a three-time National Scrabble Champion, put these books together and challenges you to beat his scores.  I love parallel plays and usually get my highest scores using this method, but I'm nowhere near the level of this book.  Strictly an amateur player am I.  Something that puzzles me - on page 65 of Volume 1, Abigail, Retinol, jeux, jus, Judas were used.  I thought you couldn't use names or products or foreign words.  Of course there were plenty of words I'm going to spend the rest of my life looking up, like kufi, gyved, guguiya, foin, zamia, furon, and more.  I liked the list of two-letter words which can be made into three-letter words - worth memorizing.  These books will help pass boring time waiting at airports or on train trips or anywhere you would otherwise have to twiddle your thumbs.
Conclusion - Maybe I don't know enough words to even be playing Scrabble.  These books will more than likely appeal to serious Scrabble players.

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