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Shells - Crafting on the Go
Editor, Trisha Malcolm
Sixth&Spring Books
ISBN 1-931543-34-8
Published September 2003 - Hardcover - 80 pages - $12.95

Are you looking for a hobby this summer?  Are you going to the beach at all?  Problem solved.  Gather some sea shells and in no time you'll be making great crafts you can actually use.  This cute little book is full of practical ideas, such as a shell wreath, a shell topiary, a candle holder, a lampshade, or even a paperweight.  Shells hold an endless fascination as they're so varied and unique.  Collecting these gorgeous colored and shaped shells always have a memory you attach to them.  You don't need much in the way to tools, just some glue, boxes or glass containers, beads or glass if you want, and lots of imagination.  We're given the names and addresses and web addresses of some useful places you may wish to use if you aren't able to get to a beach.  Visit this interesting website for more information and ideas.
Conclusion - A not-so-complicated craft for everyone.

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