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How To Travel Practically Anywhere - The Ultimate Planning Guide
by Susan Stellin
Houghton Mifflin
ISBN 0-618-60753-6
Published April 2006 - Paperback - 321 pages - $15.95

Author Susan Stellin says about her book, "It's essentially a guidebook for the logistics of travel, whatever the reason for your trip.  The goal is to help you save money and time and, I hope, avoid disappointment and stress".  Stress can really put a damper on your pending travels but, with careful planning and research ahead of time, things could be a lot more enjoyable.  Usually, for a trip to a far away destination, one plans meticulously ahead of time, and using this book will help eliminate the stress factor.  Get yourself up-to-date with how to get the best from your vacation.  Whether it's guidebooks you use, the Internet, or magazines, Ms. Stellin covers them all.  She also talks about insurance, groups tours, culinary trips, to book by phone or online, discounts, car rental, accommodations, home rentals, passports and visas, medical advice, cruises, airline tickets, frequent flyer programs, trains, currency, security, ferries, and SO much more.  With security restrictions ever on the increase, travel isn't what it used to be, so being that much more prepared ahead of time, doing all you can to enjoy your break to the fullest, is all you can do, and should do.
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Conclusion - Extremely useful and good-to-know points.

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