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Yeah, I Said It
by Wanda Sykes
ISBN 0-7434-8269-7
Published September 2004 - Hardcover - 248 pages - $23.00

Before this book actually gets going, there are about 20 swear words.  I never found Wanda Sykes funny and tended to change channels when she appeared.  I find her trying too hard and this comes off as unprofessional and unfunny.  I thought I'd give her writing a chance - I wouldn't have to listen to that voice.  The book starts off with her social commentary about recent news headlines, much like I would imagine she'd prepare for a show.  It "sounds" as though you're reading a script of hers, not a book.  Also, the coarseness of her "skits" I found unnecessary and unbecoming - as though she's got to curse to be funny.  Not.  Men have more often than not cursed when delivering comedy - why not emulate those who do not curse?  Topics include the president, government, gay marriage, adoption, women's sports, and other varied topics.  I can imagine some parts of this book being funny if delivered on stage, but only after you've had several cocktails.  Not being much of a drinker, it would be torture for me, I would think.  However, I did quite like her take on Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, and perhaps one more here and there.  Seems big publishers give advances to any "name" to write a book - I work my tail off trying to find a publisher to put out my serious, non-fiction travel books.  Doesn't seem right but I guess everyone's got an audience, somewhere.
Conclusion - Too much cussing and badly "spoken" English - highly unenjoyable and puerile humor.

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