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Adventures of a Psychic
by Sylvia Browne and Antoinette May
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-56170-621-3
Published August 1998 - Paperback - 253 pages - $12.95

I've always been fascinated by psychics and clairvoyants and so when I "discovered" Sylvia Browne a couple of years ago, I was captivated.  I felt that what she was saying really made sense.  I've only seen her on The Montel Williams Show and have always thought she was honest and compelling.  Ive read many of her books (go to my Home Page section and do an edit/find using "Sylvia" as the word, to find my other reviews) and I continue to be delighted and educated.  This is about her early life as she discovered she was "different" and how she met her spirit guide, Francine.  How she fell in and out of love, her studies, teaching, Francine's role in her life, how she started her own church, and much more.  All the while she's continuing to grow, learn, and share her incredible story.  She relates real stories and an amazing insight into her world.  I was truly moved by her chapter on "The other Side" which explains many things we read and hear and see in our everyday lives.  Everything from "ghosts" and "spirits" to life on the other side, and what people get up to over there - it all makes you think and is very credible.  I find her hard to dispute.  No one knows for absolute certainy (except perhaps Ms. Browne) one way or the other, so how can we argue against what she says.  I also loved the chapter "Why Am I Here?" - Life Themes.  It gives you a clearer understanding of our job here on earth.  What I found poignant was that from the "faults" of others, we learn not to be like them and therefore better ourselves, which is why we are here on earth - to perfect ourselves.  A huge personal moment for me. I'm all for having an open mind and contemplating all sides.  My deepest wish is to have a reading by Sylvia Browne - I feel completely lost and directionless.
Conclusion - I loved this book and am actively seeking out more of her work.

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