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Temples on the Other Side - How Wisdom from "Beyond the Veil" Can Help You Right Now
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House
ISBN 1-4019-1745-6
Published January 2008 - Hardcover - 277 pages - $25.95

Sylvia Browne has changed my life.  How?  Through her books I've come to realize much of what we "know" about God and "religions" isn't accurate and has been manipulated over the millenia, which is how I honestly felt about religions all along.  Anyone with an ounce of thought in them today would also have had their suspicions and questioned many of the so-called religious teachings.  However, when you have a real live spirit guide who communicates with you, as does Sylvia Browne, things are a lot clearer.  Ms. Browne's books confirm things for me and gives me food for thought.  (See my reviews of her other books.)  I've found comfort in death knowing what I now know.  Comfort in knowing I can be myself.  Comfort and guilt-free about my abhorrence of organized religion and so much more.  In this book we learn more about the Other Side and how we are on this Earth to learn and better ourselves.  The Temples and Halls she talks about in this book are where we go to increase our knowlege while on the Other Side, and they are: The Temple of Orientation, The Hall of Justice, The Hall of Resolution, The Hall of Nature, The Temple of Penance, The Hall of Healing, and The Hall of Charts, to name a few.  Who knew that we go there while we're down here?  In our sleep of course.  If we're so lazy this side of the Veil, we do have a lot to keep us busy on the Other Side.  I also love discovering that there is more to our lives than what we think there is.  That we are caring and loving (otherwise I'd be so disappointed and disillusioned), and that we're not wasting our time here, even though to many it may seem so.  Reading about the Temples and Halls and how we keep improving ourselves and seeking out answers, I found extremely interesting and plausible.  I enjoyed reading how we can see our charts (and anyone else's, to a point) in the Hall of Records, how we can make things a little easier, and how we're constantly learning and evolving.  Sylvia also gives us meditations if we want to visit any of these places - I'd really like to try because I often feel I'm wasting my life here on Earth this time around.  Although, she says we're not able to access all of our own records.  I love Sylvia's description of the Other Side - I find it comforting.  And I believe what she says - it just makes sense.  I strongly recommend you read a few other books of hers before this one.  It's like an avalanche of information for which you need to be prepared.  And please, read them with an open mind.
Do read the Hall of Research in this book.  It makes sense when they say that we don't use all of our brain, especially here on earth.
Visit Sylvia Browne's website.
Conclusion - You've got to read this informative and interesting book.

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