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God, Creation, and Tools for Life by Sylvia Browne Books in Review
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God, Creation, and Tools for Life
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-56170-722-8
Published March 2000 - Softcover - 241 pages - $13.95

This book is the first in the Journey of the Soul series by Sylvia Browne, and is written as the words of Sylvia and her two spirit guides, Francine and Raheim.  As in many of her books, Sylvia (and Francine) talk about Mother God, which to me makes sense, as we humans are a combination of both male and female.  It's just that She's been hidden from us by the patriarchal church leaders throughout time, for their own gain, as is so obvious nowadays.  Thankfully though, Mother God is coming back to our consciousness, and is here to help us.  Throughout her books, Sylvia constantly tells us that God is not about evil, fear, guilt, or such things, and that we should think for ourselves and use our common sense, "sense" being the operative word.  [That's what I've been saying for years.]  She reiterates that there is no hell and nothing to fear but the garbage we've been fed by churches for generations.  This book opened my eyes even more to the joy we are denying ourselves, to the misery we're allowing ourselves to be fed by those consumed with greed and power, and to the good we know is in all of us.  There are ways and means of summoning help from the Other Side, which we can and should do, with easy instruction.  Why we don't just pursue more goodness I'll never know, instead of so much negativity and hurt.  We're also told of the peace, calm, and beauty of the Other Side, which is extremely comforting to know.  Interestingly, "aliens" are also mentioned, as is the beginning of humans on Earth.  Heady stuff.  I loved, and completely agree with Francine's explanation of religion on page 21.  It's exactly how I feel, and now I don't feel so bad.  I was right after all!
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Conclusion - Again, another Sylvia Browne book I urge everyone to read, for another perspective on life and our existence.

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